things i should be doing right now

Ocean's 12 (a hip sequel by me)

Under Pressure

list item #17

list item #16

what i want for xmas

to paraphrase my old Greek friend Tasho...

"So, you're Asian."

I took a breath and let it out, woohoo.

About that Pacers-Piston brawl being the fans' fault.

homeland security and me

The Man.

Please, for the love of Pete, vote for Kerry.

Pleeeeeze vote for Kerry.

Please vote for Kerry.

Please vote for Kerry.

poker is not sexy pt.1

addendum to previous

the secret

it's raining in LA

well that was strangely satisfying

economic neccessity

"Passionate" and "emotional"

Staying on the Offensive

Robotech geeks will understand.

10 things you know Cheney is going, "I probably should have said that instead."

10 things you know Kerry is going, "I kinda wish I'd said that instead."

working, ad nauseum

Our leadership.

oh thank god

Hi, Sundance...


U.S. Launches Ground Assault on Puerto Rico

Monitor Burn.

Translation of 90% of Film-Related Craigslist Postings

I don't want to work on the movie today.

What is "Manchurian" anyway?

Re: Secret Messages

Why Wes Anderson Is Good


Positive Reinforcement.

Strong Movie Opinions

Thanks, brother...

Job Satisfaction

And then everything broke. (by Eminiem/D12)

Me Me Me.

The Last Piece of Sushi (a film by Bernardo Bertolucci with Tom Cruise)

I call every show on FX "FX."

I really need to get rid of this virus.

A few things I've learned to be true.