Top 10 of 2005

overheard at the table

moment of completion

another really great movie: "Girl 6"

you never know until you try giving them $29.95


see the stars are shining bright, everything's all right tonight


that's so un-PC

reel season



i am a headcase

happy halloween

breaking new ground

southland tales

renewed TA91 satisfaction

Sideways (the best independent film of whatever year it was, by me)

psyching self up

more fees, please

2nd acts and American lives, yadda yadda

just a fantasy, picture in a magazine

we're all in this gridlock together

10 assorted thoughts

santa ana


eight hours later

i really would like someone unrelated to me to be nice to me right now


money is stupid

just watched....

OK enough blogging about disaster for a while

oh no you don't get off that easy

we must reiterate this point until something happens

"Operation Angel Island"

open letter to Michael Moore from the Bush Administration


ok this is a little terrifying

apparently I can get on TV just by doing this

i am against the government regulating art

even in dreamland, chaste

wee poem redux


isn't it ironic....

and you know you're in really bad shape when...

Songs for Getting the Heck Out of This Town

funniest exchange overheard at work today

traffic jam in los angeles at night

dim sum should open earlier

i tell ya

X-MEN 3 (An upcoming crappy sequel by me)

i am the biggest work nerd

guerilla filmmaking satisfaction

i need a place in LA that is open after 2 AM


guidelines for talking about dreams

nothing makes me feel older than...

free press!

War of the Worlds (A Summer Mega-Event Film By Me)

now we are three wee poems

age aint nothing but a number

vegas baby

OK, that's it....

and now, a wee poem.

I like me some Primer.


ARGH, addendum.


The neat thing about not going to film school is

Hey, that Sith was pretty good.

and now a few words about co-directing