Robotech geeks will understand.

Driving to work during rush hour is special private time for me and the cheezy music I like to listen to. Today I have on this CD that's a mix of soundtrack classics from "Transformers: The Movie" and "St. Elmo's Fire," ad nauseum. During a particularly slow stretch of the 710 south I'm grooving along to "Look Up! The Sky Is Falling," a concert staple of that freedom-fighting transvestite pop star known to the initiated as Yellow Dancer. (There's no shame. I'm in my CAR.) A break in the traffic occurs and I get to surge along to my next stopping point. The car I pull up behind is a Dodge Lancer.
.... Special, synchronicitous, totally geeky serendipities like this are what fill me with the unjustified confidence that all my infantile preoccupation with comic books, alien invaders, and robots that transform into other things, these will somehow pay off and bring me as-yet-unexperienced artistic satisfaction and sense of well-being in my lifetime.

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