Creative projects that I'm putting off while being obsessed with TA91 (just so I don't completely forget about them):

1) Finishing that Cali Casino action/gambling Kill-Bill-meets-Rounders epic with a heart of gold that I wanted to sell out with. (Get on this one, self! The current gambling craze can't last forever!)

2) Writing the sensitive nerdy late-blooming gay losers script that is so not going to sell out, or even be rented, by anybody.

3) Rewriting my first play "Look For Water" which I promised a friend I would do like six months ago so she could consider putting it on.

4) Rewriting the ERP neoclassic rock popera "Earth Verses," ostensibly to enter it into this concert, but also so that it is more intelligible to the rest of the human race and I can hear the songs again.

5) I had a good idea for a sci-fi novel based on a scary dream that I wrote about five pages of and then stopped, but plan to revisit when I remember how to use Microsoft Word (haha, aspiring screenwriter's almost-joke....never mind).

6) Finish my short "Sitter" with all the scary music and stuff! About time already! Carrie and Mary, who are both working on TA91, are in it, really good stuff (potentially).

7) A provocative satiric deconstruction of "The Last Samurai" and "The Last Emperor" entitled "The Last Piece of Sushi."

8) That play I was gonna write about Lazer Tag and lost youth and stuff with the really cool set. Yeah, that one.

9) My big Asian-American romantic movie so I can have one after Asian American movies are like, so early-mid-00's. On a side note, I saw a posting that some producer was specifically looking for an adaptation of the Chinese movie "Rouge," which is so ridiculous 'cos I wrote a script that stole shamelessly from huge parts of that movie! To think that I could've just stolen the whole thing! Now I have to see it again to remember what I DIDN'T lift.

10) A music video for my good friend MC Frontalot, and/or a reality show based on my other good friend Gaby's search for fulfillment. Something without a script.

OK, that's 10. I'm going to stop now....

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