I've got it! Sock puppets! Sock puppets never have Pilot Season! They don't even have jobs! Or a union! I'll finish the movie with Sock Puppets...
....No I'm kidding. I don't think any of the actors read this, but if they do, I'm kidding.
....The funny thing about working with this camera is that the images will look like 16mm film in some shots, and more like video in others. It's a weird liminal state between the two mediums that we're (so far) most used to watching in pop culture. What it most highly resembles on a consistent basis is the HD stuff that makes up a LOT of TV commercials right now, which is actually kind of cool in that it fits with the in-faux-merical theme of the movie. It'll be interesting to see if this look becomes a defining look for movies and TV of this period, whether the popular audience's eyes will adjust, or whether they'll just come out with some newer and cooler version of DV next year. I suppose that once they find out how to beam the movies and corresponding advertisements directly into our brains (as they sort-of do in our movie) it'll be all over for visual narrative entertainment anyway.
....I guess this is one of those blogs that makes a lot of pretentious sweeping statements. I'd be more anecdotal but since my friend's blog got suppressed by the establishment (see a couple of entries ago) I'm kind of wary of being too specific.

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