The Karaoke Social Contract (12 Principles)

1.  All people are entitled to sing a song once in a while.

2.  In a public social atmosphere, all people are obligated to be aware of their surroundings.

3.  If the karaoke is a free service provided in a bar, you are obligated to get a drink if you want to participate in the free service.

4.  Time is finite and songs take up time. If you don't get to sing a song because of the queue being particularly long, the proper attitude is, "Well hey, at least I'm still not involved in a civil war in Central Africa."

Avengers Texting 2.0. (also X-Men, Watchmen, Batpeople, etc.)

Dazzler texts at ComicCon 2015.

Due to no popular demand whatsoever, here is a Best-Of from my Instagram series about cosplayers texting (with CONSENT!), tindering, and otherwise messing with their phones. From WonderCon and ComicCon 2014-2015. #AvengersTexting #XMenTexting #AvXTexting
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Thor and Captain America.

10 Reasons I Sort Of Wanted To Punch You In The Face On Sunday

1. I like your face, but it was attached to other faces, so I sort of wanted to punch all the faces.
2. I don't "do" "that."

3. It recalled those other times I stood on the periphery of a multi-face makeout session, except now am older.
4. The thinking goes, "one can join in the kissyface if one adopts the appropriate attitude; but it's already figured-out that you don't care to kiss me under normal circumstances, so the joiner impulse feels egotistic and not affectionate, intrusive and not welcomed, and anyway, consolation-prize kissyface is not what it's all about."
5. People who secretly want to kiss each other are usually just waiting for the right moment.
6. I woke up that morning mad at you and didn't want to end the day madder at you. 
7. It was the end of a real shitty weekend.
8. I won't even get into the racial thing because no one gets that part.
9. Completely fouled up the first plan for tricking self into sleep. Instead laid there thinking unending thoughts like, "if there was no gross, would there still be cute?" as opposed to, "that was a worthwhile trip to the bar in the effort to forget Saturday."
10. The smiles you all had afterwards, the obvious smile from warmth and accomplishment, the smile one would have. 

Karaoke Rhapsody

This is a web series that I do about karaoke culture, watch it if you please.