closing thoughts on shooting WIPD

1. The first thing we shot was for a camera test at Shar's house, several months ago, on a rainy day, and the last thing we shot was at Shar's house, Easter Sunday, in the rain.

2. The crew we assembled could not be nicer, and yet they were also ruthlessly efficient.

3. The actors did amazing things. Despite losing 2 actors to schedule conflicts the day before day 1, the acting of the ensemble grew in warmth and immediacy with every day of the shoot.

4. I didn't learn as much technical jargon as I was hoping for on this shoot. Like for example I still have no idea what a joker is, and just figured out yesterday that it's a cinesaddle and not a cinecidal. I did learn the meaning of "Dutch Rudder" and what it is to take a Mother Daughter shot, but I was probably better off not knowing those things.

5. There were a few minor disasters, but nothing compared to the Homeland Security vs. Grip Truck thing. There was only one day when I really thought the whole show would fall apart....okay maybe one and a half days.

6. It's going to be a pretty funny movie. It will qualify, I believe, as "nerdcore."

7. Artistic satisfaction and completion is a better feeling than anything. Sex, food, love, the roller coaster, anything. Those 18 days were one of the best and hardest times I ever had.

8. I'm looking forward to doing normal things like doing laundry and eating food again.

9. I'm not being sarcastic.