The shoot was hard, 'cos of the wilderness factor, but the footage turned out great. The crew, except for that one guy who went to the bathroom and then disappeared for the rest of the day, was completely awesome, totally dedicated. And the actors, especially the ones in the last ad, worked really absurdly hard doing a completely ridiculous thing repeatedly in the dark and cold of Topanga Canyon. But it's the coolest shot ever, so in theory it was worth it.
...I'm kind of inarticulate right now 'cos of still being high off the shoot and also exhausted, but I want to thank in writing Ben whom we met in the parking lot of Chapman Leonard and who out of the blue offered to drive our rented dolly track over to where it needed to be. (This after determining by eyeball that the 10-foot tracks were going to fit into Jen's Honda hatchback very badly if at all) We didn't even do the usual LA exchange of cards or emails, so it was really just a spontaneous kindness between strangers with no personal-gain payback involved. Those are nice. Thanks, man!

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