things i should be doing right now

- not blogging
- re-editing the Mongoloid's wrestling video
- finishing recut of TA91
- writing this totally wonderful new screenplay; the Hollywood Reporter informs me that screenplays about original superheros not from actual comic books are hot right now (the Hollywood Reporter is one of those magazines from which you can actually absorb the full content of a single issue in about 26 seconds by just scanning for key words).
- re-writing some old plays so they will be totally wonderful
- planning/packing for move out of apartment

Instead, I am writing this, and thinking fondly of the two Top Dogs I ate while visiting the hometown over this last Xmas weekend. I had a couple Pink's dogs from the casino today to try to recapture the satisfaction, but it just wasn't the same. Top Dogs are grilled and juicy and alive. Pink's dogs are steamed and soft, and while there's something great about that chili goop that they smear onto it, the lingering feeling afterwards is one of intestinal pain rather than inner peace.

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Keisuke said...

There's a good hot dog joint on Ventura, i think just west of Kester ... grilled, I believe. I primarily go to Pink's for the fries and onion rings, myself.

Let's not forget the World Famous Oki Dog up on Fairfax and Melrose! Double hot dogs pressed onto a grill and then wrapped in a tortilla ... along with all sorts of pure megapolyunsaturated fats for a taste you can't get outside of a jar of Crisco.

Good fries there, too.