i saw....

ho ho ho

whoo hoo hoo ooh

A big Michael Bolton day.

Lars & The Real Girl

the weather channel

clarity sometimes comes....


heard in the casino today....

there should be a word for....


This fish is 31 years old.



gee whiz

plans within plans

heard in the casino today....

supermarket blues

new game

epiphany of the week

"do you play baccarat, Mr. Bond?"


well that was a nice dream

geek summer


going to vegas....


kindergarten cafeteria utopia

damn it!

So if Burt Bacharach is writing protest songs...

2 Gig or 4 Gig?

i don't mind being blue....

frakkin' A.

The Culture of Fear...

overheard at my friend's wedding


How many penguin movies do we need, exactly?

"No, Spider-Man, no!"

Having another desperate day.

We win, we win, we win.

ode to Chinese women who draw women with one eye

ode to one good thing happening

Just a few thoughts....

Julie loves her Japanese dancers


2007: First Quarter

a time to speak out

assorted self-promotional updates:

Cut the Chatter, Red Two _or_ Communication Etiquettes

visualizing, visioning

we can do it!

dough ma!

i'm so in love

drunk dialing

every now and then i know you'll always be the only boy who loved me for the way that i am

well, THAT went about as well as it could possibly go....

where are you going can i come too?

this year, i kind of want to....

what the hell was i talking about in that last post?

Let It Play Out.

way too fast

trying to think of something funny to post to avoid ranting about being sad and confused

give you everyhing i got for a little piece of mind

again heard in the casino

text me

what my boss said to me at the casino the other day:

what happened?