What is "Manchurian" anyway?

Saw the remake of "The Manchurian Candidate" the other day. It was a bit creepy how in the movie the brainwashed soldiers parrot the military exploits of the Candidate in a similar way to how John Kerry's military record is constantly being trumpeted by the Democrats, to the point of sounding like a prefab slogan. Then I thought about it, and realized that even if the Democrats did put some sort of zombie assassin up for election, I would still vote for him over mass-murdering rich boy Bush.
...But other than that not a very good movie. Cannot stand Jonathan Demme's obsession with close-ups. I did see a very weird good movie today called "Code 46." It's a sci-fi story, very hard to tell what's going on, but beautifully made. It uses cities in Shanghai, India, and I guess Dubai? to look like cities in the future and it really, really works. I guess it helps not having been anywhere, those places look really alien and strange to me.

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