well that was strangely satisfying

Since finishing up the rough cut of the movie I've been in that Stuck place with writing, having all these different half-finished scripts. So today I took up the oldest project on the list, which was to revise the first play I ever wrote. Strangely it only took one night and I'm pleased with it now. I think I could show it to people now without fear that they'll immediately say, "hey you wrote that 12 years ago when the earth was still cooling and you thought playwriting was this new exciting thing, didn't you?" It's funny because in that first play I think I did some basic playwriting things well that over the past decade I've totally failed at on a regular basis. Fundamental stuff like characters having clear objectives, jokes that people understand, things like that. Having those elements in place definitely made it easy to revisit the story, and hopefully I haven't obscurified it too much with this version. Although in a way it feels like backtracking, it's kind of freeing, returning to where you started. It makes me feel like it really is possible to go back and correct your mistakes. Now if only I could've put a sign in that grip truck.
....On the bummer side, my websites are all in transition and my vanity email dom@ta91 is temporarily non-functioning. Ophelia where art thou? I am still totally incompetent at all web stuff.
...Now that the passive-aggressive personal message is out of the way, here's the link to the latest article about us in Asianweek.
On newstands now! I think.

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