Please vote for Kerry.

This it totally fascinating.
I've always liked the Packers, but this Sunday I will be rooting for them like never before.

It's very nervewracking this election thing. Honestly don't know what's going to happen. Since California is not a swing state and the Democratic win here is almost assured, it feels like discussing politics with the locals is not really to effect any poltical difference, but merely to articulate that we do, in fact, have different viewpoints. The closeness of the polls is amazing to a leftie, of course, I'm inclined to think that the incumbent party is doing a really good job of getting a huge portion of the country to vote against its own self-interests, since, as we lefties like to stress, BUSH ONLY HELPS RICH PEOPLE, who are a tiny minority of our population. But as a leftie I also have to concede that it's more complicated than that, and that no matter who wins, after the election a lot of people will be wondering what the hell happened, and our vastly different paradoxical viewpoints will remain intact, probably strengthened by the whole experience of these campaigns. The fact that we co-exist nonetheless is heartening; the fact that we have our political discussions by repeating the talking points and soundbites of campaign managers, with all their cheap insults and idiotic simplifications, is not.

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