last night at the Bicycle Club

broadway debut

near miss

Aww. The Olympics are over.



the beizhing mystique

10 excellent things said at 2008 ComicCon:

don't go soft

glow 08


it must be said i do love my dad

What's my motivation?

this has not worked for me yet, for some strange reason...

songs the 90's forgot

heard in the casino today:

bopping around LA

the best line in "The Sting"....

how this guy rolls

great acting

thoughts on watching hobbits all day

although the poker craze is fading....

dick's man

if Bill Clinton were black and currently running for president....

favorite dialogue heard today:


things i like about my neighborhood, which i am making note of now, in case i leave it....

I don't appreciate....

this week's funniest casino dialogue that will not make sense to normal people...

"Because our captain flies much better than he drives, we're asking you to remain seated..."

notes on a trip to Sundance....

new year's epiphany