A few words on peoples' names in the casino. First of all, it's a mainly Asian clientele, so everyone has some cutesy Anglicized name, and there are about a million each of Kims and Lees. At any given table, the majority of the women will be named Cindy, Kelly, Kim, Candy or Connie. It's important not to confuse Kimmy and Sexy Kim (sadly, there is no Lil' Kim), or to mix up the Korean male Kims and the Vietnamese female Kims. Most males are Tony or Tom. Everyone, depending on age and sex, can be generically addressed as Mama or Papa or Sister or Brother. Latinos are "amigo" or "mijo." There are two similarly abrasive screaming Vietnamese Mamas with dyed-orange hair named Mrs. Robinson. I haven't figured out if they're related or what they have to do with Simon & Garfunkel. Likewise, there are a couple of continually drunk Korean woman of "sister" age who are addressed as Koko, even though I'm pretty sure neither of them are actually named Koko. My name on the table is "Corporation." Meanwhile, the PA system pages a recurring cast of characters with even more cheerfully improbably names, such as Eddy Eddy, Juanita Juanita, Bill Gates, and Bobby Diboote. Most likely, these paged names are all code for something, just as most of the names in the casino are a generic corruption, assumed so as to hide the creepy fact that you're a compulsive gambler from yourself and your true name.
....Also, if someone is calling you "Honey," it's probably because you're making an ass of yourself.

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