one resolution for next year

just saw that movie "Shortbus"....

xmas spirit

i did the video for this show

i can't stand it

we also need a new word for.....

while sleeping on a friend's couch in Venice....

really for real this time

another otaku armageddon dream

bone thorns

video games do in fact make you dumb

sound mix completed

did i say too much, or not enough?

so i'm at this party

information & intelligence

i can't help it

neural chaff neutralized

neural chaff

going for some kind of absolute something

that Red Stripe commercial is hilarious


everything would be just fine if....

i may be taking this milf thing a bit too far...

a note on hygiene

another two bite the dust

what the hell is going on up in this country?

what the hell am i doing?


anxiety/running out

maybe it's in my head....

notes for a future casino movie 1

stupid movie season

P.S. to last rant

comedy & drama

perfect end to perfect day

still can't sleep

conversation killer

all i have to say about work today is....

the finest double entendre ever

in theory, i like horror movies...

the most depressing sentence i read today

sid & susie

Dead Wife Syndrome

the worst day at work ever


i think....

R.I.P. Chris Penn


things i learned about people i went to high school with while searching myspace & friendster on valentine's day

a haiku for dick cheney

which mc was that?

rock musical redux

the neverending battle vs. evil continues, because that is what neverending battles do by definition

asking for it


web presents

living dangerously vs. not

be careful what you wish for

a wee lil poem

this is my first meme


getting over it