Under Pressure

...is the name of the Queen cover band that played the casino yesterday, opening up for Led Zepagain. They ROCKED. The best thing that has happened at the casino, ever. Also one of the only times I've been at the casino where I was in an Asian minority. I'm not sure who the hell those people in the audience were, actually. There were a good hundred of them at least, young, old, white, black, brown, wheelchaired, definitely not the casino's core clientele. Maybe poker players, which would explain their dull smiling emotionless reactions. From a band POV it was probably a terrible gig, but that just enhanced rock n roll majesty for me. It was one of those moments when I realized that all I really need out of LA is to find a friend who understands why seeing a band of what were probably undemployed actors in scruffy black wigs harmonizing on "Fat Bottom Girls" in front of a stonefaced multiethnic crowd in a casino ballroom is really what living the good life is all about.

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Kristen said...

Do you really think there are people in L.A. who *wouldn't* find that cool?

Casino shows are fun. All those people came because it was free. But it's odd they'd show up for a cover band. The only reason I ever went willingly to a casino in Connecticut was to see Joan Jett, Roger McGuinn (sp?) and Cheap Trick in concert -- all free. So if you move to NYC and I end up at UMass, we can go to Mohegan Sun and see concerts and eat peanuts. And this is now efficiently the longest comment I ever wrote, and I have officially spent way too many hours in my apartment alone. Rock on.