notes on a trip to Sundance....

- We left Las Vegas with $100 in Keno winnings on the same night the Monte Carlo caught fire.
- Although it did actually snow in San Gabriel last Thursday morning, there's nothing like travelling to Utah to remind you that California is never ever cold.
- I stayed one night at the Treasure Mountain Inn, a.k.a. the TMI on its stationary and signage. Sure enough, there was a lot of TMI going on that night, mainly in the form of excited guests having wonderful times and shouting things like "I'm going to be at the party at 1010 Norfolk" or "I'm wearing a really sexy dress under this coat" just a littttle too loudly.
- Made more trips to Wal-Mart than I saw actual films at the Festival. Not because I am so in love with Wal-Mart, but because in certain places it is the only place to go.
- Saw a dead moose at the side of the highway while driving to Salt Lake City.
- Had a curiously satisfying encounter with law enforcement.
- Sang along to the "Once" soundtrack in the car about eighty times.
- Saw the cohort's film on the big screen, finally, and felt strange pride, envy, and wonder.
- I was recovering from an illness and everyone around me was coming down with something. So there wasn't so much awesome partying as there was moderate drinking and decisive naps. And really, amidst all the anxious film-pushing and random acts of networking, it was enough just to sit and relax and watch the snow fall and flurry.

new year's epiphany

On any given day I am among the last people in the world to go to sleep, insomniac Hawaiians notwithstanding.