Just finished a wild weekend of shooting in Santa Monica. We shot out about 3/4 of the conference room scenes, which is one of the movie's major locations. The first day was especially nuts because we couldn't get into the space til 2 pm and had to start packing up by 10 pm, which is not a long day in movie-shoot terms. So we only got about half our shots and we started to panic. But somehow today we just whizzed along and got caught up, mainly because we discovered the joy, or rather gave into the necessity of, shooting all in one direction and covering only half of many many scenes at a time. Next weekend, ideally, we go back and do the other half of all those scenes, shooting in the opposite direction. It'll be heck making the scenes consistent, but hopefully our script supervisor will help make it happen. We also had some really outstandingly funny improvs today, which is always a minor miracle, but really encouraged me because I was worried that the story was becoming overly dour and serious. I also became slightly worried when the auto sprinkler system started showering over all our expensive lighting equipment. And I worry that at some point we'll run out of money and we'll have to end the movie with the world exploding. That is, cheaply. Hopefully out little budget will maintain us at least until the musical number. Right now I'm feeling that this is going to be a really good movie.

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