10 really great movies

Since I spend so much of my time on this blog, and indeed my waking life, talking about crap films, I figured I should write a few words on movies that I really like. Because not everything is horrible....just most things. I'm leaving out the guilty-pleasure favorite movies like St. Elmo's Fire and Return of the Jedi in favor of ones that I think have some real craft and soul in them.

Lost in Translation (an Academy Award-winning film by me)


Bob and Charlotte sit in a bar.

Charlotte: I hate pants.

Bob: People talk funny here.

Charlotte: I wonder if one day I'll have a job?

Bob: Jobs are for sluts. You're special.

Charlotte: I don't know. I don't know.

Bob: I miss root beers.

Charlotte: You're having a midlife crisis. I know all about midlife crises. Did you buy a Porsche yet?

Bob: I wish I could tell you how beautiful you look surrounded by all these similar-looking people. But I'm not going to.

Charlotte: Everyone I know has a Porsche. It's such a cliche.

Bob: I'm going to become Japanese. I'm going to get a Japanese Porsche.

Charlotte: I guess Japan is kind of like America, but different.