I call every show on FX "FX."

....heard while deplaning in Burbank. It's always the same. Arriving back in LA after being anywhere else quiet like Berkeley or West Texas, makes life instantly seem more hectic, even though fewer important things are actually happening. People are so much more on-edge, rude, and dramatically insincere here. And all the things they're worrying about, the rings they're trying to kiss, the events they're driving 90 mph to get to....total and utter cowpie.
...I will say however that there were some great hits of the 80's playing over the PA at the Burbank airport. "She Bop" and Bobby Brown's "Theme from Ghostbusters II," for example.
...Also went to the LA Filmfest tonight to see a good indie movie.


Anonymous said...

so when are you moving back to the bay area? :)


ms.bri said...

Or perhaps you might enjoy a bit of East Coast hectic-ness? I wish you'd visit me.


dm said...

Wow. It's like our junior high conversations updated for the blog age. Feeling the fullness of the circle.

ms.bri said...

It is, indeed, except that was real high, not junior. You are brilliant as a star but even so I don't think you could have written Killing poetry on airport bathroom walls before the age of 14.

dm said...

Oh shite you're right. I must be getting old.