Shooting more commercials tomorrow. This should do it for the preshoots. I have so much nervous energy -- it's like Xmas eve every day. I didn't even notice it was freezing cold at last weekend's shoot until we wrapped the last shot. Then the body said, oh, by the way, it is hell of cold.
....Wondering who this Natalie person is who wants to PA in our props dept. 415 area code...probably another recent Bay Area expatriate? This would warm my heart.
....Can I also say that shooting in LA is both a blessing and a curse because you have to contend with things like "Pilot Season?" Where else in the world would your artistic project be held up by something called Pilot Season? All these great no-budget movies coming out of Texas and Nebraska are, I'm sure, are facilitated by the fact that the people who do filmmaking there know no one but each other, have only each other to rely on, and have no other important auditions or high-paying commercial gigs to distract them. It's just a little surreal. Perhaps soon they will institute a "Reality Season."
...Note to self: "Blue Harvest."

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