A few things I've learned to be true.

1. Ramen does not taste as good when you make two packs at in one pot.
2. Rich people are as likely to be idiots as poor people. Actually, more likely, because the wealth dulls their instincts.
3. Leaving the casino is ALWAYS a good idea. There is never a bad time to be leaving a casino. Once you get there, you should leave.
4. There is not quite enough ramen in one pack to satisfy me. They should make them 1.5 times as large.
5. I am never going to be employed as a website designer.
6. Models are better than computer animation.
7. There are many words in the English language that are just taking up space. Among those words are "edgy", "gritty", and "just."
8. This Happy Mie Mi Goreng Spesial ramen is the finest ramen on the planet. If only they made the 6/5 size serving packs.
9. Blogs and cell phones make it more difficult to communicate anything to anybody. Email, however, works.
10. I'm not really sure what the Lord of the Rings is subtextually about, but it has something to do with white people winning.

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