There's that old saying that Talent recognizes Genius, but Mediocrity sees nothing higher than itself. I see this borne out repeatedly in the casino, the paraphrase would go something like "Working people take note of situations and contexts, Rich people just flap their lips and feel important." Basically, the large percentage of customers in the Big Room are feeble morons with wads of cash who need to feel that they are on top and in control at all times. If they don't get pampered, they get uneasy, and if you don't respond to their requests/rants/orders, it is cause for vehement disapproval and retribution, despite the fact that these requests are made in completely incoherent gibberish because the people are, by virtue of their class status, not used to talking with people but rather at them, and, as mentioned above, they are also impossibly stupid. But the point is, it's always your fault, their uneasiness, which just leads to more hassle for you, the smiling casino worker. The only thing you can do, sensibly, since it is impossible to reason with them (for they are Mediocre and are incapable of seeing beyond themselves) is to avoid conflict by imaginatively making up scenarios in which they are correct, so that you can get along through the rest of the night. This takes quite a bit of re-ordering reality, which is where the Talent part, I think, comes in. The dealers, floormen, and to some degree we bankers have to work together to maintain this fictional Lala-land where not only are the idiots tolerated, they are also somehow Geniuses and always right. It is maddening work, but apparently someone has to do it.

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