Saw Kitano's new movie "Zatoichi" at the closing night of the VC fest. It had without a doubt the most moving tap dance sequence I ever done saw. It was a lot like the Ewoks "Yub yub" party at the end of Return of the Jedi, but it had me more choked up.
....Attended the fest events very sporadically, as a break from work and logging footage. It was very inspiring and of course fun to be treated like you're really doing something worthwhile. If only they had more of such things for theater people. Of course the fest environment is weird as a participating artist because it can seem like a convention of the very self-obsessed. I honestly think some people don't even remember why they're shmoozing and self-promoting all the time, it's just become a sort of habit from living in LA. It would be nicer if you could just go up to people and say "here's what I want from you," so that they could say yes or no and get it out of the way. But enough player hating, let's get back to blogging about me. Let's see, today I

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