dommah's linked-up top 10 list of the 00's!

ep 85: symphony of light

ep84: dark finale

ep83: reflex point

ep82: the big apple

ep81: hired gun

ep80: birthday blues

ep 79: frostbite

ep74: annie's wedding

ep73: sandstorm

ep72: the fortress

ep71: the secret route

ep70: enter marlene

ep 69: the genesis pit

ep68: eulogy

ep67: paper hero

whoops, i have to kiss you now

ep66: hard times


ep65: curtain call

ep64: survival

ep63: lonely soldier boy

ep62: the lost city

ep61: the invid invasion

ep60: catastrophe

ep57: daydreamer

ep55: dana in wonderland

ep54: mind game

ep53: the hunters

ep52: love song

ep49: a new recruit

ep48: deja vu

ep40: volunteers

ep39: southern cross

ep38: false start

ep37: dana's story

ep36: to the stars

ep35: season's greetings

ep34: private time

ep33: rainy night

ep32: broken heart

ep31: khyron's revenge

ep30: viva miriya

ep29: Robotech Masters

ep28: reconstruction blues

ep27: force of arms

ep26: the messenger

ep25: wedding bells

ep24: showdown

ep23: reckless

ep20: paradise lost

ep18: Farewell, Big Brother

ep15: homecoming

ep13: blue wind

ep12: the big escape

ep11: first contact

ep9: Miss Macross

ep8: sweet 16

ep7: bye bye mars

ep4: the long wait

Micronian Marathon