Okay, I'm suddenly concerned that my blog makes me look like a dickhead because I was just reading this other guy's blog and he came off as a total dickhead. He might be a nice guy in real life, it's just in his blog he chooses to write about things which make him seem petty, callous, and superficial. Probably because those are the things that bother him enough to make him want to write about it. But since I also blog more often when I'm upset then when I'm satisfied about something, I worry there's someone out there who thinks, "who is this guy and does he really think that the dialogue in Ocean's 12 is the biggest problem in the universe?...for the love of..."

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Kristen said...

Well, I saw Ocean's 12 on my flight from Iceland to New York a few days ago. I have to say, it's a bad fucking movie. All in-jokes and smug self-satisfaction, like some sort of actor's lab experiment. Everyone got to practice his or her ability to do deadpan and stammers. I didn't notice if the dialogue itself was particularly bad, but it must have been, considering that nobody or nothing ever made sense. The only guy I had a clear bead on was the French dude.

Of course, I couldn't sit through Ocean's 11 either, so I'm not the best person to ask. But while I was watching 12 I was thinking about your blog entry and wondering when I'd get to see the airplane shot you talked about. But it must have happened while I was in the can. Of course.