nothing makes me feel older than...

....this fancy Sony Ericsson cell phone I just bought off craigslist to replace my old crappy Motorola one. It has many features and no manual. It has features that make me, an aging, stodgy, narrowminded human go, "harumph! what could that ever be good for?"
....if I was a 15-year old kid, I would already have this phone loaded with a pile of mp3s, taken a zillion pictures, pumped them into my laptop for photoshopping and then back into the phone to be assigned as wallpaper to each individual addressbook entry, downloaded an obscure Thai exercise video for the media player, composed a song, and of course, have about a thousand ringtones. And I would have finished all that within 12 hours of purchase, just in time to be already bored with the new gadget today and anxiously awaiting the new improved model with the tracball.
...I do not even know how to get a new ringtone into my phone. So I am behind schedule.
...I don't know Bluetooth. I don't know syncing. I don't know if these things work with Macs. I don't know where to look these things up. I have never in my life successfully picture messaged anybody. I don't even have these features enabled on my cellular plan. Whoa. I just said "cellular."
....I am old.


neilfred said...

If your Mac has Bluetooth, iSync can synchronize your Mac's Address Book with your Bluetooth phone. If your Mac doesn't have Bluetooth, you can get a little USB dongle for not very much.

Of course, if you have no desire to synchronize your phone with the Mac's Address Book, then this is of no use to you.

kristen said...

you're not that old. i hear the word "bluetooth" but i have no idea what it is.

i am 1.5 years older than you. so i'm incrementally (exponentially?) more ignorant.

bri said...

I am joining you in the old, old ages that start with 3 today. I have managed to assign ring tones to three people. That is all I can do.

And also, Melissa is moving to L.A. next month and could use some friends so you should get on that. And at some point in the next year I will be visiting, as the total number of people I know in that city will have now reached the crucial number (3) that calls for a visit. So... yeah.