ok this is a little terrifying

...not "life and death" terrifying, more like "viral marketing permeates every pore of my being" kind of terrifying.

I got a spam as a comment on a blog post (try explaing that sentence to someone living in 1984). The comment is readable on the post right before this one. It's for chronic back pain or something. I mean, what the hell?

is this a joke? It's not even content-related, for the love of Pete. Is everyone who reads my blog (all 20 of them) secretly waiting for the right time to jump in and sell me a bottle of Cialis (taladafil)? I challenge you to reveal yerselves.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are having fum with your blog.

I have a close up magician blog. It pretty much covers things relating to close up magician and magic in general.

Come and check it out if you get time and if your interested in this sort of thing:-)

If not have fun and carry on blogging

Anonymous said...

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JustTerry said...

They are the newest and lowest form of internet life. I have no doubt that they were spawned from the very sewage filled waters of New orleans.

neilfred said...

I'm just surprised that that was the first time you ever got a comment-spam. The phenomenon has been around for a while. It was probably posted by a script that goes around looking for blogs and spamming them, all automatically without human involvement.