open letter to Michael Moore from the Bush Administration

Dear Michael,

We were busy, OK?
There's a war on. Two wars.
We're showing compassion and demanding things now.
This is a big disaster. It affects everyone, not just the people it disproportionately affects.
Floods happen. What can you do?

Stay the course,


Anonymous said...

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bri said...

Hey dear,

You can get rid of/slow spam by going into the part of blogger that deals with comments and having it install a security feature that makes people type a few letters to ensure that real people are posting rather than spammers. See an example at Addition Problems, linked off of my blog.

Melissa lives there now. In Echo Park. Is that near you? I just can't believe she's gone.

dm said...

thanks dear! I'll try that.
Echo Park is not exactly near to me, but it's not far, either. I could check in with her if you give me her email, or let her have mine. I'm great at counselling people on their arriving-in-LA angst, and plus I _so_ need another married woman friend. Heh.