OK, that's it....

I'm starting another movie.
....Someone told me that Wong Kar Wai made Chungking Express and Fallen Angels by shooting a lot of random shit and then piecing together the stories with voiceover, shooting more scenes to fill in the gaps as needed.
....I'm sure many awful movies have been made following the same method.
....However, don't let that stop you from Paypalling me a modest donation to go to the audio equipment fund, or alternatively offering up a wireless lav microphone set, which is what I really need.
...The idea is to shape the story through a series of dogme-style, low-tech weekend shoots in natural light settings, and do the more complicated, exactingly scripted stuff later when we know exactly what we should be spending money and resources on.
...There is a story starting point, though. It's not going to be Koyannisquatsi, or however you spell that.

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