isn't it ironic....

....That Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson from "Kids" are kinda big movie stars now, and the two boys who played the sexual predator male leads who made their lives such hell are not?

....That webcasts are now called podcasts? (that's not ironic really, but it is silly)

....That owning a thing called an "Ipod" or anything these days that starts with "I-" or "My-" means you are just like everyone else?

....That Cingular and AT&T merged to form the AllOver network. As it, "It's all over now, human race." (i guess that's only ironic because it's called "Cingular")

....That I was going to light a candle for the fallen dead in Iraq last night, but ended up writing about Scarlett Johannsson instead?

....That the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim translates into The The Angels Angels of Anaheim?

....That in the beginning of "Kids" Chloe Sevigny's character goes, "I HATE sucking d--k," and look what happened to her with that nice Vincent Gallo fellow. (the theme here is that "Kids" is an Ironic-ass movie)

....That as art, specifically movies, get worse and worse, marketing schemes get better and criticism more relativistic and slavering, so it is easy to gain the impression that art is actually better now that it ever has been before? (Spider-Man 2)

....That nerds are no longer bookworms....bookworms are now really, really strange.

....That VH1 used to be the female-oriented MTV and now it is the let's-make-lists-of-hot-chicks-and-zoom-in-on-stills-of-their-boobs-while-some-geek-makes-extremely-deadpan-comment channel, whereas MTV seems...actually a little...I (i'm not sure, 'cause these days I mainly watch VH1)


neilfred said...

That webcasts are now called podcasts? (that's not ironic really, but it is silly)

Well, properly speaking, "podcast" is a special case of "webcast". In particular, many "webcasts" are only available streaming -- "podcast" specifically indicates that it can be downloaded as a plain mp3, rather than streamed (since a stream can't be put on an iPod). Also, I think maybe "podcast" implies an RSS feed or something.

dm said...

all right, i concede, you are smarter than I am.
...i was reacting to Apple branding a thing which should be a public domain word, because the technology isn't specific to Ipods. That seems silly to me. I feel like it's as if we called all movies that were made using Macs Imovies or Macfilms.

neilfred said...

Ah, but see, Apple didn't invent the term "Podcast". I was actually kind of surprised that they embraced it rather than trying to claim some kind of trademark infringement by those who popularized it.

dm said...

Again, Did Not Know That. Huh. So what fool decided it would be a good idea to gve Apple all this free advertising? Call me reactionary, but I think the day we wake up and smell the morning Starbucks instead of coffee is the day we can call if off on the human race.