ep82: the big apple

This is absolutely one of the best episodes. Why? Because it's about people fighting for their right to PERFORM AT CARNEGIE HALL IN A MUSICAL DANCE NUMBER.

Anyone who is a fan of "Escape From New York" or Marvel Comics can appreciate the fantasy of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan; with close-quarters street battles fought tooth and nail between renegade heroes, alien shock troopers, a transvestite cabaret singer, and his gay dancer friends in leotards.

SERA: "It's that Earth Rebel who causes the disturbance within me!" As Michael Jackson says, it's all for the love, L-O-V-E.

Seriously, the fight between the Battloids and Shock Troopers in what might be the West Village is pretty sick. This is our first glimpse of the Beta Fighter's Battloid mode, which eliminates a key weakness of the humanoid form by having a missile launcher instead of a head.

In the end, the musical theater geeks win. It is implied that the show, alien occupation force notwithstanding, must go on.


Michael Colin Mah said...

"The disturbance within me."

That's beautiful.

dm said...

isn't it though?