whoops, i have to kiss you now

Another thing about this ep. Rook cons Rand into kissing her, to save face, or for some convoluted reason. Much like the scenes in Macross where Lisa and Rick snogged for "strategical" situations.

What is it with all the fake non-committal kissing? Is it because the original anime didn't want to show "real" kissing? (The actual couples in Robotech, notably, spend much more time staring deeply into each others' eyes [and blowing things up together] then actually kissing.) Or is it just for tease/fanservice, the titillating suggestiveness of kissing someone for pragmatic reasons, when both of you only sorta kinda want to.

Anyway, it's cute.


Rand, as he's driving off, to Rook's family: "Get a job!"


Michael Colin Mah said…
There's a lot here. And not just 'cause last night at the bookstore I was leafing through "Who's Been Sleeping In Your Head: The Secret World Of Sexual Fantasies" by Brett Kahr PhD (though it did not seem all that academically rigorous). On one hand this is just cute and formative i.e. isn't all adolescent romantic and sexual experimentation pragmatic, getting the ball rolling and what have you. But man, does it get weird and kinda transgressive when I think about Robotech imparting the idea that the apocalypse is essentially romantic. Sweetly pragmatic procreative urges in the face of the eradication of the human race. That a first kiss is a military tactic. That sex has something to do with guerilla warfare. Is this too much information?
Brian said…
Ha, I remember that random "Get a job" line! Guess I was too young to give it much thought at the time.