ep60: catastrophe

My strong memory of this episode, the final one in the Masters arc, is that I was at a friends' house playing D&D in their basement and I forgot to set the VCR to tape it, so I desperately called my Mom and asked her to tape it for me.

So my beautiful Mom actually sat down on the old brown barcalounger and taped Robotech for me. And later I called to check and see what happened, asking with all innocence, "Did anyone die?" And she said yes, so many people died.

Mom also took a whole afternoon once (several years before this Robotech episode) to explain to me the Spider-Man origin story cartoon. My ethically-challenged wee self didn't get why Spiderman was so upset by his uncle dying which wasn't technically his fault. But my Mom took the time to make me understand that with great power also comes great responsibility.

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jwfbean said...

If bioroids needed to hover, instead of building hovercraft for them to ride, why didn't they just make the bioroids hover?

i mean, the humans had hovercraft that can turn into robots. the masters were like, the masters n stuff, so why couldn't they just make their roids hover?

the whole thing just sort of looks like an oops. like, oh, we need the bioroids to hover but they're in production already, so let's have them ride this hovery thing. who got THAT contract?