ep83: reflex point

It's on now.

Man, so this is gonna be over in 3 episodes. It's the last month before graduation. For my next trick am considering "V: The TV series" from 1985. Any ideas, as if anyone is listening?

Or I could just start blogging seriously about the movie I'm working on.


LUNK: "I can't believe you're making a movie of this!" The group chastises Sue Graham for standing by and running a camera during a battle. So quaint. These days if someone records a massacre without intervening, they're a hero.

That's kind of all that happens. There's a bit of cool business with Alpha-Beta separation and Rand dogfighting an Invid simulagent who looks like Legolas, and Sue Graham's flowing raven hair as she dies, and the reveal of Marlene's green-bloodedness. But mainly the whole thing just makes me wish I had a life (or a transforming motorycle.)