ep37: dana's story

"Robotech Masters" aka "Southern Cross" was like the 3rd Voltron series that never came out, but people vaguely remembered that there should be one because of some toy packaging images. Southern Cross is like Magical Mystery Tour. It's no one's favorite and kind of hard to get into because there's a lot of hippie stuff with flowers and clones, the Robotech Masters are basically three old dudes in a room grumbling and they're on screen a lot, and also the aliens' mecha just aren't very cool in this one.

However, it has a lot to recommend it, such as:

* The human heroes wear really cool warrior armor which apparently comes in 800 different styles despite the fact we only really follow one team around for the whole series. Someone was a stud and really designed the shit out all those armors in Centurion, Samurai, Knight, and Looks-Really-Hard-To-See-Out-Of fashions.
* Nova Satori. If she were the Spanish word for "library," she would be a babe-lioteca.
* After you absorbed the concept of "this is a new series but it's the same series," the yoking itself became novel and raised all sorts of questions to stimulate the young mind, e.g: How is this possible? Are all Japanese cartoons about the same thing? How can both series have 3-in-1 robots AND siren pop singers involved? Will this go on forever (please)? Is Carl Macek some sort of mental genius? Why is Dana blonde? If I coupled with an alien, would my child also have a chance to be blonde, and have an afro, and ESP?

Anyway, this 1st episode is pretty much just a recap of the fight in "Farewell Big Brother," and Miriya being sultry. With my grownup knowledge of editing, I can appreciate what an elegant mashup it is of two shows that AFAIK originally had nothing to do with each other.

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