ep52: love song

If Nova Satori were a prehistoric animal, she would be a Babe-rtooth tiger. Also, if she were another similarly-drawn anime character, she would be Lum. I was going to put up two images comparing the two, but then realized that it would be completely wrong and creepy. Like the guy at the beginning of "The Brothers Bloom" who tries to pick up Bangbang with the line "I'm really into anime." That kind of creepy. I'm not that. I really AM into anime, not just for the cutely-drawn girls. For the robots, too.

I don't know which of those things I just wrote was worst.


jwfbean said...

Nova Satori is totally hot. I mean, she's like a bitter, jaded version of Lisa Hayes with something to prove. I don't know, maybe she's trying to get over a rough childhood. Maybe she's a closeted lesbian. Maybe she's just vulnerable inside and easy to hurt, so she acts all mean n stuff.

But I always liked Nova. I always thought, if I knew her, I could save her. Yaknow?

dm said...

yes, jeff. i know.