Robotech as a mumblecore film:

RICK: I dunno, it kind of seems like, I dunno, the aliens are maybe attracted to you and stuff?
MINMAY: Yeah, I dunno. Uh. Uh. I'm a star, or something.
RICK: Uh, I should go, the Zentraedi are attacking, and, I dunno, I have a plane that transforms into, y'know, a guy, so...
MINMAY: Do you like, y'know, uh, Lisa?
RICK: I guess. I dunno. I have to go, I've got some Protoculture, on the stove, and stuff. I dunno.
MINMAY: I dunno, we will, like, I guess, win, and stuff.
RICK: Sayonara! And stuff. I dunno.

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