ep81: hired gun

This one's sort of a lame tangent. Dusty Ayres? Captain Harlock is calling, and wants his gruff back.

***Actually this episode has one good part in which Rook and Rand are surrounded by Invid and they have the brilliant idea to "use our combined cluster rockets!" Why, yes, let's! After all, we're so used to firing off all of the Alpha's 226 little rockets to destroy 2 or 3 targets, why not for once we apply a little military efficiency and shoot off all of both Red and Green Alpha's 44 thousand missiles in One Gigantic Wad to eliminate an overwhelming horde of targets?

Sorry, I get a little excited during the cluster rockets scenes. It's something about the knee-missiles....waaah.

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Michael Colin Mah said...

I imagine infinite missiles should try one's suspension of disbelief, but something about it makes the deaths of Sue Graham, Colonel Wolfe, Lunk's old military buddies, Ayres' plain-old-motorcycle victims, random Alpha pilots in Earth Liberation Assaults 1 & 2 poignant and capital-A Absurd. It's like, why? Just steer clear and fire from head to knees...