It's my birthday today, and unfortunately I lost my wallet, but who really gives a pho.

I spent it with some people I love, and some people I hate, and that is what life is really aboot, noh?

I am drunk. I saw the Transformers movie. It kept transforming between a really awesome movie and an unbearably stupid movie. It was a headache that way. I wish they had used the transforming sound to indicate the shifts. Anyway, the most hilarious thing about it was that they killed the Black robot. Yes, as we all know, in American movies there's this trope where the African-American guy always dies, because the institutional racists fear the Black guy who is too useful or pivotal or whatever, but c'mon. You kill the Black ROBOT? And the four other separate-yet-entirely-equal White robots are left standing to chill in the aftermath? What the pho is that?

Jazz was the first Transformer I ever bought (with my parents' money). 'Nuff said.


Bro said...

Happy Birthday Bro.

MosSteph said...

happy birthday cuz. "aboot?" did you suddenly become Canadian?