2 Gig or 4 Gig?

A short play, based on conversations had and overheard.

GUY 1: Nano, eh? 2 gig or 4 gig?
GUY 2: 2 gig.
GUY 1: They have 8 gig too.
GUY 2: I know.
GUY 1: I have the 60 gig video Ipod.
GUY 2: Good.
GUY 1: But it doesn't work! I try the AutoFill, it never works. I have to buy a new computer.
GUY 2: I have to buy a new computer too.
GUY 1: Also, not enough space! I downloaded a movie, but I can't watch the movie over and over again! So I have to take it off so I can download a new movie. That's how they get you.
GUY 2: "They?"
GUY 1: I know one guy, he was lost in the jungle with no food. His Ipod saved his life!
GUY 2: How?
GUY 1: I don't know. I think, software, or something.
GUY 2: I see.
GUY 1: Maybe you should upgrade to 12 gigs.
GUY 2: I hope. Someday.


GUY 1: Nice weather today.
GUY 2: Could you please GO AWAY? I'm trying to listen to my Ipod!

The End.

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