i'm so in love

with this Korean actor Bae Doo Na. I just saw "The Host," in which she plays a gritty cross between Legolas and Michelle Wie. She was also in "Linda Linda Linda," which I ranted about previously. She is excellent. She seems kind of dorky and yet is heart-rendingly beautiful. She is way better than My Sassy Girl, or my previous crush, My Tutor Friend. She is neither affectedly tough nor cloylingly girly. That is, she seems sort of tough, and also sort of girly. She has a funny nose. She has a nice voice. She seems like she would be a pleasant person to eat mul naengmyon with. I am going to write poems about her. I am going to build a boat out of discarded SIM cards for her. I am going to fix a bowl of noodles and leave it on my altar of her. I am going to exterminate all the roaches in my garage for her. I am going to assasinate Justin Timberlake for her. I am being ironic now, of course, but she will be mine. Oh yes. She will be.

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