How many penguin movies do we need, exactly?

There's another one coming out this year. Someone finally figured out that penguins = surefire box-office gold. And that's the last thing I'm going to say about movies for a while.


Reel Fanatic said...

If I had had a vote, the answer would have been zero, but I've been wrong at least before, as I clearly was about penguin movies

mary said...

i have worked on 3 commercials w/penguins. one was a japanese car commercial which is neither here nor there, but each time, we had to have a closed set. only the people who were absolutely integral to the shot could be on stage. crafty was among the necessary people which is again neither here nor there, but funny-haha nonetheless. it had to be a closed set because penguins are easily angered. you don't want to make a penguin angry. they bite.

dm said...

what does a penguin eat on set?
how were the penguins less likely to be angered by the "integral people?" was the director a special penguin director? did the DP speak penguin? did the integral people create a ring of warmth and support around the penguins? why didn't they just use computer penguins? this is what i need to know.

mary said...
...the integral people were insured for penguin bites. the director did storm off the set after one penguin refused to do the dancing scene nude as originally planned
...the dp did NOT speak penguin, although he was able to communicate w/the penguins through a series of flashcards ring of warmth. the integral people had to go through special training sessions that taught them to not be judgemental about the penguins anger management issues
...they didn't use computer penguins because the SPG (screen penguins guild) clearly states that penguins cannot be created electronically unless all efforts have been made to locate a penguin who possesses the exact talents needed to perform the scene(s). in this case, they were able to find a team of penguins who were able to dance with brooms