supermarket blues

Every time I go to the supermarket, I feel poor. The price of bathtub cleaner and breakfast cereal has gone up, what, like four dollars in my lifetime? That's an exaggeration because it would mean I was getting Crispix for free at the time of my birth, but I think you know what I'm talking about. I mean, macaroni and cheeze is almost three bucks a box now, and you still have to cook it and provide your own milk and butter. You'd think it would be self-custardizing by now, or at least would come in handy mac-cheeze enriched energy bar form. Also, I used to love Ritz crackers, but I never noticed that those are some salty little bastards. Was that always the case? Did they invent the low-sodium version so that they could make the regular ones entirely encrusted in salt crystal? It's harder to appreciate their buttery goodness when your whole mouth is seizing up.

This blog is clearly due for a post about some monumental change in my life, but this is not it.

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M.C. Mah said...

Target. Crispix cost 2.79. Unnervingly corporate Target-Brand Frosted Mini Wheats are 1.89 and taste fine. Ritz crackers are out. Unsalted peanuts are advisable. The egg sandwich. Milk, cheese, and butter as determined by the politics of Ethanol.