assorted self-promotional updates:

- This site is now also
- I have a couple poems in the latest issue of Beeswax magazine. Instead of pestering me to drive up to your house and try to slip them under your doorway late at night, you might try buying a copy. Lots of good lit and art in there.
- "Iphigenia" is nominated in several categories for the LA Weekly Theater Awards including the stuff I worked on (the multimedia installations, that is).
- Our movie "Target Audience 9.1" is now pretty much done. All rights are available, should you or someone you know wish to distribute it, mass-produce DVDs of it, sell the remake rights to Dreamworks, or whathaveyou. Here's a preliminary trailer.
- I recently finished a screenplay which contains not even one giant robot or alien. For me, it's an achievement.

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