give you everyhing i got for a little piece of mind

Today, with the help of the Internets, I figured out how to play the Beatles' "I'm So Tired" on guitar, It's a trickly little bastard with a G# major chord where an F#minor would usually suffice, an E augmented that I wasn't sure how to voice, and also cute aternating betwen major and minor on the 4 chord, It's one of my favorite songs and also fits my recurring state, that is, love-inspired sleep deprivation, So that was a happy accomplishment.

It's a kick too because once you actually play that unusual progression all the way through and hear how perfectly it sustains the melody and the vibe, it doesn't seem so complicated. Every piece fits together perfectly as if there were no other way the song counld be constructed.

I'm not sure what's up with the Beatles revival this year. The Cirque du Soleil show was great, and this Julie Taymor movie "Across the Universe" looks kind of exciting, Arguments about purity aside, I always thought it was strange how Beatles songs aren't constantly at the forefront of our popculture mix, given that they are the best songs in the universe. I'd think that four out of every five movies would want to have a Beatles soundtrack, every TV show should have a Beatles opening theme, and all band should be required to do a Beatles cover at every live gig. And every Beatles song should be mashed-up into a hip-hop jam and a club mix. Hearing a badly-done Beatles song is till better than hearing 98% of all other songs. And they were the last ones to write about peace and love and actually mean it. We still can learn a lot from those four blokes.

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kristen said...

That IS my favorite song. Or it was, for at least 10 years of my young life. You'll have to show me the guitar tab when we meet up. I am aiming to bring my guitar back with me after my next trip to the ole homestead.