which mc was that?

A video I made for my good friend MC Frontalot is up on his site now. Most of the footage was taken with my cute little cell phone. Frontalot himself does not actually appear as a mass of indistinct blocks in person, much as he might want to. I welcome both comments and indifference.


Anonymous said...

Ah, such pleasure to see his ball headedness fronting for us all to see... thank you for sharing your video!
When's the next one? It'd be great to 'Click Close' or 'Yellow Laser Beams'!



dm said...

i did make a video for "Yellow Lasers" a while back that you can find on ifilm. (see my other blog post, "web presents") it's not an "official" video because it was never officially finished by me, also it uses some legally uncleared video footage, sssh.