this is my first meme

I was tagged by Kristen.

ONE (1) earliest film-related memory:

Watching "Star Wars" with my Aunt Ling in Fresno. Actually, not watching it, but coming back to the house after watching it and dancing all blissfully around the kitchen, singing the theme music, with lyrics that went something like "Star Wars, Star Wars Star Star Wars, Sta-a-a-arrrrr Wars, Star Wa-a-a-rrrrrs."

TWO (2) favorite lines from movies:

"Who wants some?" - Bruce Campbell in "Army of Darkness."

"Do you want me to dress like Thor? I'll dress like Thor." - Catherine Keener in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin."

THREE (3) jobs you'd do if you could not work in the "biz":

Anything Consultant
Laundromat Supervisor
Video Store Clerk

FOUR (4) jobs you actually have held outside the industry:

toy ad copywriter
search engine query parser
comic book translation adapter
proposition player

THREE (3) book authors I like:

Donald Barthelme
Thomas Harris
Kurt Vonnegut

TWO (2) movies you'd like to remake or properties you'd like to adapt:

Daniel Pinkwater's "The Snarkout Boys & The Baconburg Horror"
Green Lantern, Iron Man, Batgirl and/or Spider-Man. Spider-Man really could be done better.

ONE (1) screenwriter you think is underrated:

Aren't all screenwriters underrated except for the ones who are truly horrible?
OK, Steve Martin. He's not exactly unsung, but the screenplays for "Roxanne" and "The Jerk" and "Bowfinger" all qualify as some pretty good shit.

I don't know anyone to tag.


Fun Joel said...

Thanks for playing along! :-)

kristen said...

s'ok. the people i tagged aren't responding (at least, to me), except for you. we are both loners. which reminds me, it has been several several months since we've gone out for drinks & cigarettes. let's do. email me your schedule for next week.