a note on hygiene

My laptop computer must be the filthiest thing in my whole room. It is the one thing that never gets washed, dusted or vacuumed. It has been all around the city with me and sat on all kinds of crusty surfaces. I type on it in a feverish, compulsive way, whenver the urge strikes me, regardless of what kind of junk might be on my hands. The accumulated oils and pressure from my fingertips have managed to completely erode away the A, the S, the I, the O and the N from the keyboard, and the D, C and L are all fading fast. Plus I just sneezed right onto the the monitor, and didn't think to wipe it off. I should be embarrassed by this, but somehow the thought of it, a heavy-usage microbial layer covering this ostensibly immaculate piece of technology, makes me a little happy.

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